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Customized Business Signage

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Custom Theme Signs
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East Bay Blueprint is working hard to support your business with signage and other formats to keep your business running.

We want you to know we're here for you with all types of signage.

As you focus on your business priorities, let East Bay Blueprint's signage experts help prepare your facility for the health of your employees, customers and visitors. As your partner, we can print and finish your signage, making it easier to promote a safe and healthy work environment.


Depending on the nature of your business, you will need to consider your interior and exterior physical locations as you create a safe space for your employees, customers and guests. We’ve provided suggestions on appropriate locations – we recommend that you walk through your facility to determine the exact locations to provide required signage and a safe, hygienic work environment.

Messaging and Formats for Your Business Needs
Open Sign

Open for Business / New Hours

One-way directions and signs showing where to enter, wait, sit and stand increase social distance while enabling efficient circulation through space.

Curbside Pickup Sign

Pick-Up  Delivery / TakeOut / Curbside / Contact-Free

Many restaurants and other retail stores are providing contactless delivery only or as an option for those wishing to avoid interior spaces.

Don't Visit Sign

Stay Home If You Feel Sick

Ask your employees, customers and visitors to help prevent transmission of airborne illnesses by staying home if they are not feeling well, especially if they have certain symptoms.

Sneeze Guard Sign

Acrylic Safety Shields / Sneeze Guards

These acrylic shields protect both customers and employees. Clean and sanitize daily to prevent the spread of airborne diseases.

Social Distancing Sign

Social Distancing / 6FT Apart / Maximum Capacity

Stay safe, avoid crowding and keep your distance from those not in your household. Avoid crowding and promote social separation in enclosed spaces.

Heroes Sign

Support Our Heroes

Recognize those who perform essential jobs how much they are appreciated. Or let your clients, students, patients and others know that they are missed.

Testing Station Sign

Temperature Testing Site

For businesses that are doing mandatory temperature testing upon entry or for public COVID-19 testing sites, these signs will guide the way.

Single Use Sign

Single-Use Products

Disposable place mats, menus and desk mats keep spaces sanitary and make your customers and employees feel safe everyday.

Wash Your Hands Sign

Wash Your Hands

Remind everyone about the importance of throrugh and frequent hand-washing, as well as safer ways to cough and sneeze.

Wayfinding Sign

Wayfinding / Directional

One-way directions and wayfinding signs show where to enter, wait, sit and stand increase social distance while enabling efficient circulation through space

Mask PPE Sign

Mask / PPE

CDC guidelines call for mask-wearing in public indoorsetting, and in some cases for extensive Personal Protective Equipment or PPE.

Custom Sign

Custom Signage

Your Message Here. We can literally design and produce anything you need. We take your message and apply it to any signage media to fit your space.

Three design options for your signage suite.
(Colors can be adjusted to fit your brand.)
Theme 1
Red Theme Sign
Theme 2
Custom Theme Sign
Theme 3
Blue Theme Sign
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